Music In Commercials: Ad guys want "Cool" music, licensed music….as told by The Wojahn Brothers….really well

The Wojahn Brothers Music is a Music House that makes (really good) music for commercials. I just stumbled across this video they made to help demonstrate the type of conversation that occurs between a “Ad Creative” and a “Music House.”

Let me say this first: GO WOJAHN. I think the two words that come to mind are, HILARIOUS and CAHOONAS. It’s spot on and it made me laugh so hard I had to go back and watch it several times. Ok I enjoyed watching it several times. I’ve been there…I have had that conversation MANY MANY times, but here’s the real joke, I used to own a Music House that pretended to NOT be a music house. HA.

Second let me say to the Ad Community… know it’s like this, and this parody brings alot of the real issues of making music for commercials or licensing music for commercials into perspective.

Thirdly, I make my living off finding and placing existing music (mostly Indie) in commercials, so you know…stones…glass houses.

Just watch this video. This is about 90% accurate. Seriously. The other 10% are Creatives and Teams that think strategically about music. They think not only about what works for the spot, but they think about if a piece of music is actually going to appeal to the demographic that the product is selling too. Shockingly….this is VERY rarely the case. 10% of the time….maybe.


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