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A bit about All Smiles (Jim Fairchild of Grandaddy) – in case you need to know:

Jim Fairchild is the singer/songwriter and general creator of All Smiles, his first solo outing after his days in the band Grandaddy. His debut record was made along with drummers Janet Weiss (Sleater Kinney, Quasi), Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse, Black Heart Procession, Magic Magicians), Danny Seim (Lack Thereof, Menomena), and Solon Bixler (Great Northern).

The record was almost entirely created on 8-track, recorded in living rooms up and down the West Coast. “It was a no-budget record,” says Jim. “There wasn’t any backing yet. I just set up whatever gear I had in the kitchen of our borrowed house in Portland, and our living room in Los Angeles. It sounds like the places it was recorded in. You can hear the walls, and the floors, and the ceilings, and you can hear the cars, and the trees, and the guys selling drugs outside.”

The album was mixed by Brian Deck (Iron and Wine, Modest Mouse). All Smiles is held together by Jim Fairchild’s spare and decisive sounds, and a resistance to over-embellish. “It couldn’t be any other way. I didn’t want it to be bigger than it was supposed to be.”And now that you know – you can see the love on the “internets”:

“Ten Recordings in nothing but honest and emotionally real; void of studio wash and pure as the surrounding ambiance picked up in each home-brewed recording.”

Excellent review posted!
“Be it strumming an acoustic guitar, shredding on an electric, or plunking away on the piano, his compositions never suffer from a lack of lush instrumentation.”


“The coffee house sincerity and living room comfort will grow on those listeners who value genuine musicianship over glossy production.”


“his approach is modestly enticing throughout.”

“All Smiles’ Ten Readings of a Warning obliterates the notion that Lytle was the only source of Grandaddy’s talent.” read more here.


“Can’t say enough good things about this record right now”


“Ten Readings Of A Warning is a charming, melodic album, as pleasant and self-assured a first effort as you’d expect from such an experienced musician.”


“The proceedings on ALL SMILES’ first LP, TEN READINGS OF A WARNING, are low-key but assert a certain undeniable undertow — whether propelled by subdued acoustic guitar or jaunty, saloon-styled piano.”

Even Pitchfork showing the love:Pitchfork All Smiles

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