BLOG REQUEST: Top 10 things I hear in Conversation with Ad Folks

I got a request on my twitter the other day by @ShordSweetMusic to blog about what I hear the most in conversation with the good people of Advertising.


After 10 years of conference calls, I can tell you, the answers to this question have not changed too much; maybe a little trend swerve, but all in all, the same. I will list them by rank of frequency.

Disclaimer: keep in mind the good majority of people I find and place music for are not music experts, and have a difficult time describing what they are looking for, which is where a Music Supervisor comes in real handy, but that being said, there are man many people in the Ad world who are music carnivores.

#10 – Find us something cool.

#9 – What are you looking for, can you give me a little bit more to go on? (me) ….We will know it when we hear it (them).

#8 – I need a track that builds (them).

#7 – I can’t tell you why we like this song, it just works, can you find another song just like it (them)?

#6 – We would like a track that feels organic, but has alot of energy (them).

#5 -We want a track just like this, but we are open to something else (them).

#4 – I like it, but it just doesn’t go anywhere (them).

#3 – Can I get this track in an instrumental (them)?

#2 – Can we get this track for the budget? Can you just get a ballpark quote from them and see (them)?

#1 – Has anyone else ever used that track? Who (them)?

I look forward to everyone’s comments on this one!!!!!!

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  1. Jack Gray March 13, 2010 at 7:06 am #

    Great stuff.

    You must want to scream sometimes, but I suppose it’s very rewarding to find just the right track in the face of all that ambiguity, yes?

    My personal antidote for that is to critique uses of music in ads on @shordsweedmusic – trying to identify exactly why things work (or don’t). It’s been very educational for me so far. I’ve found some really tremendous work, a few trends, and (of course) a lot of musically-marginal spots, too.

    Finally, here’s a good post on Adfreak relating to your point #1: .

    Thank you, Sarah!

  2. Brother Howe March 15, 2010 at 1:39 pm #

    The thing I like is that #3 is if they can get an instrumental track. That’s something we all can do. I’ve heard a music supervisor say once that this alone will increase your chances for placement by 50%. Also, if you’re an independent musician, you will most likely fall well within their budget (#2 question), another advantage us small guys have.

  3. Gary Seeger May 25, 2010 at 10:18 pm #

    Pleasing to note that we get similar Qs like this in Australia. I’ve sent this onto our staff. Keep up the blogging and spread the news… cheers Sarah

  4. Jess mh. December 22, 2010 at 11:21 am #

    is like everybody says the same, in fact, i think is hard to describe the way u would like to find the music, every sound is different and works different with diverse elements, don’t u think? i study marketing so i hope to not sound like this phrases some day…

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