Boards Summit 09 – Music Licensing and Negotiations MASTER CLASS

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On Tuesday, Oct. 27th I will join the ranks of Advertising Industry experts and colleagues at the Boards Summit in New York City.

I will be giving one of several MASTER CLASS talks relating to each person’s expertise; mine, naturally, is Music Licensing and Negotiations.

In my 15 years in advertising I have been to countless conferences, but I can say that already, this one feels different. The state of Advertising as we know it is in a period of great renaissance. People’s roles are changing, new skills are becoming required, and most importantly accountability to the brands we represent is not only asked for, but demanded.

My Master Class is meant to educate those working in the Advertising Production community about a world that can be very convoluted: Synchronization Music Licensing.

Agency Producers are the Grand Masters of the Circus. They balance 100 balls while running 200 miles an hour. It’s extraordinary to watch when it’s done well, and dizzying to be on the sidelines when it’s not done well. So Producers young and old, this class is for you. More information in a time where more is required of us all.

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