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Thanks to everyone who came out to the CMJ Panel on Tuesdayion

Josh Rabinowitz, our panelist put together a great group for the panel. A big thanks to my fellow panelists, Peter Nashel, Visili Gavre, and Chris Langrill.

The room was packed and we had a very engaged audience.  Now more then ever it is clear that Sync Music Licensing is one of the most important sources of revenue and marketing a music company or Artist can have.

How music is chosen for an ad, is an unanswerable question, but how to get your music to the community, and professionals in the Film, TV and Ad community is not information that is easy to find.

Many of you asked me where you could get more information. For those of you who do not live in LA , or cannot make it to my class at UCLA Extension, standby. I have decided to take my “How to Get Your Music Licensed” book and create it into an online series that will be packed with the information you all seek. “How do I find Music Supervisors and how do I get my Music to them!”

Stop by this blog every now and again, or visit my YouTube channel: sarahgavigan for bi-weekly tips.

Thanks again to you all for coming out to CMJ and to the panel!

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