Don't feel defeated…Music Licensing is possible!

I got this email today and I wanted to share the email and my respons with you anonymously because I think that so many musicians out there feel the same way.

Hi Sarah,

I have been writing songs since 1975! I have found out all avenues
to success in my songwriting career have been a “DEAD END”.
I felt very depressed after reading your article You say all emails and song files
sent go in the “SPAM”! So what chance do you have Sarah! I have done what you say
and still feel it  A DEAD END FOR ME!


Hi John,

I know how hard it is to be a songwriter and musician – but I think you understood my video incorrectly. My point in the Video (see link below) is that with a STRATEGY this will not happen to you – you will NOT end up in the spam folder. If you simply launch  emails out to people you know nothing about hoping that something will catch then you are most likey going to be disappointed. You have to get in and get your hands dirty in promoting your own music. One of the main resons I believe that Artists should know more about this world is that NO ONE can sell your music better then YOU. It’s you life and your passion.

Keep your head up and keep on moving. One foot in front of the other.

Unfortunately I cannot give an opinion to every artist who sends me their music – but if you listen carefully to all three of the videos you will understand what I CAN do for you with my workshop, and most importantly, what you can do for YOURSELF.


To see the videos  – head here——> LINK TO VIDEOS

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  1. Isaac Nichols April 19, 2011 at 11:30 am #

    Hi Sarah,

    I would like to start off by saying thank you for the time you have taken to help us understand how the business works. I attempted to message you on twitter but I am new to that so I will ask my question here.

    Well my question is, where is that magic window between not being annoying and not being persistent enough. I know how to be annoying but I promise not bug you. :)

    By the way, banjos are back. Just came across a band titled Freelance Whales “Generator 2nd Floor”

    Any way thanks for your time


    • admin April 19, 2011 at 7:59 pm #


      You are very welcome – I hope you are on the GYML newsfeed – lots of great info there as well (sign up in the pink and black box—–>
      Building relationships is hard no matter what business you are in, let’s face it. Finding that balance btwn knocking and being annoying is an art, but just make sure to give little
      bits of information at a time – a Music Sup will not read a 200 work email – we simply don;t have time.

      Be brief, direct and clever.


    • admin May 22, 2011 at 8:31 am #

      Isaac – I am glad you found GYML.

      You have asked the golden question. Persistance without annoyance is an art, and one you must learn to master if you want to be a successful Musician. It is a skill that will serve you even if you are Lady GaGa. First and foremost the music needs to be GOOD, it needs to be APPROPRIATE FOR LICENSING and it needs to be organized in a way that a Music Sup is looking for. You got that from the videos I am sure.

      What you are talking about is BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS. I have interviewed many of the Music Sups in the business, and I have sat in on a hundred panbels on the topic. They all say the same thing:
      1.) We DO NOT take unsolicited material – you MUST go through a REP
      2.) BUT the other day I did open this email that looked good, clicked the link and heard a great track.

      The bottom line is that the answer to “should I send unsolicited music?” is inconsistant. In my eyes, inconsistency breeds opportunity. So I say YES, submit – but do it in a way that they will respond to. And that is what I teach.

      Make sure you are on the GYML newsfeed (www.getyourmusiclicensed) and you will get all the goodies there – lost of new workshops and products coming out soon.


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