INDIE CONNECT – Music Licensing Lunch – in Nashville June 6th 11:30am

Hey there…well summer has hit hard here in Tennessee. It’s hotter than heck, the cicadas are everywhere (and I do mean
everywhere) and the lightning bugs are on the way.

I do love summer…..

But no summer vacation for me.

June is going to be NUTS.

Starting with an invitation from the great folks over at INDIE CONNECT I will be speaking at their weekly event this coming Monday
June 6th at 11:30 am.

Details on the event location and directions are <<< HERE!!>>>

I also thought, what the hey… let them see what the whole thing is about..

Music Licensing; placing your music in Films & TV

An overview of the music licensing business and a strategy to help you get your music licensed.

In the first half; basic industry terms and expectations for music submissions will be discussed.

In the second half we will explore how to successfully pitch to a Music Supervisor. Learn what the decision makers are looking for and how to create a music submission that stands out.

Length: 60 minutes

What you’ll learn:

• The components of the business
• Basic terms you need to know
• How to prepare your tracks for licensing
• What Music Supervisors are looking for

So come on out and have some BBQ for lunch,
and shake some hands.

Q&A always gets interesting!

Have a great (short) week and hope to see you there!

Your Friend,
Sarah G

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