Jeff Buckley – 15 years of Grace.

Oh be still my heart…..this man can still make me cry since the first day I heard this record. This post is NOT about music licensing, or copyrights, or any rights for that matter.

It’s simply about magic. He was magic. There is nothing I can say about this man’s music that has not already been said, or felt by music fans and Aritsts the world ’round.

But…..I will say this, I come back to this record over and over and over, and will for the rest of my life. For what reasons, they are different every time. It’s as much an emotional invocation as an escape from the heaviness life can put upon you. Hearing is voice, the rhythm of his songs, is like a grand release, a good cry. You feel massive sweeps of emotion when you hear it and when it is done, you take a deep breathe and feel a little bit better going on with your day.

Rest in Peace Jeff Buckley.

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