Knowledge is Protection and POWER in the music licensing world

This has been a great week. I always love product launch weeks because I get to connect with so many of you and hear your questions. I hope that you were able to take advantage of the training videos that I gave away this week, some of my best.

I diligently follow a few forums online that discuss Music Licensing, because as a consultant and educator, it’s my business to know what YOU need to understand in order to succeed.

I have made it my business to help Musicians succeed in the Music Licensing world.

Now that I think about it, this has been my business in different iterations since 1999 when I met Eric Hilton and Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation at a Music Festival in Iceland. They planted a seed inside my head that changed the course of my life forever. You can read my bio if you want to know more about that story.

When I started Ten Music in 2000, it was my job to REPRESENT Record Labels and Publishers to the Advertising community for the potential of licensing tracks. It was a very new model….there was no one else doing what I did, so there was a certain amount of  ”behind the curtain” in my job. My rolodex was mine and that was what my clients paid me for. It was the “agent mentality. I was trained to think that way. “Stand back while I go out and make magic happen for you.”

As time went on, I began to see that the clients of mine who KNEW the most about the music licensing business, TRUSTED me the most, and stayed the CLOSEST to me, were the ones who succeeded the most. Funny right?

It actually makes perfect sense. With KNOWLEDGE of that which you seek, you have a greater chance of success.

Now I am 3 years into my career as an educator, honing my craft and taking in information in a completely different way in order to feed it back to you in a way you can understand, digest and USE for yourselves. But one thing is still stands true.

KNOWLEDGE is the ultimate PROTECTION and POWER that an artist can have if they want to succeed.

Let’s think about that on a purely artistic level, like how you write a song, or how you get inspired to write a piece of music. The more you KNOW about how to play your respective instrument, the better you are. The more you KNOW about other music, the more you have inspiration.

So this theme felt appropriate to point out as I head into the second (and final) Workshop session for this year.

Here is the Question:

“Sarah, if I want to license my music, what should I do.”

LEARN….you need to learn….it will change everything you do and set you on a course that is tangent to what the business is looking for.

If you want to learn more about my workshop, you can do so HERE. Registration is open for a few more days or until the seats are filled (I am over half way filled in just one day).

The workshop begins on July 12th and runs for 4 weeks.

Have an incredible holiday weekend!


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