Music Licensing and Composing for TV Shows – A talk with The Transcenders

I have had some incredibly good fortune in my career, and it’s because I have worked with so many incredible people. Even better than that, I have been able to work with them on the way up in their career’s. It is simply a magical time. There is genuine excitement for new experiences, nervousness about making mistakes and hope for the future all wrapped up in humility. Not everyone has this combination, and it has nothing to do with a single note of music.

Personality is 90% of the game in the entertainment business. Talent – 10%. It’s hard to digest that – but it’s true.

I wanted to post this interview today to introduce you to a writing team that has 90% personality and 90% talent.

Yep – it adds up to 180%, but hey, this is the music industry, since when did anyone know how to do math?

Mike, Terence and Brian are a clear example of humility and talent. Have a listen. Enjoy and have a spectacular weekend.

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GYML Transcenders Interview by sarahgavigan

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