Music Licensing in Commercials is the benchmark for winning a GRAMMY, according to The Colbert Report

Admittedly, I openly defend Musicians who put their music in commercials. I am biased. I think it’s a great source of income as well as an invaluable distribution channel.

The argument has gone mainstream.

Last night on THE COLBERT REPORT, Stephen Colbert went public with his vote for Best Alternative Album.

Funny stuff…take a look. So those of you that think it’s a sell out for Indie Artists to license their music to ads, take a look, cause 3 of arguably the biggest names in Indie music were willing not only to license their music to Zales, Victoria’s Secret, HP, Honda, Tommy Hilfiger, and Sony Ericsson but they were willing to go onto the Colbert Report and make fun of themselves for it.

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