Sea Wolf to play Sunset Junction

Everyone’s favorite, Alex Church aka Sea Wolf will play Sunset Junction this weekend in LA. I’ll be celebrating by drinking Pimm’s and wandering thru the Junction. Would love to see you guys there – it’s going to be a great day. Alex will be playing with the likes of Blonde Redhead and Ben Harper amongst others!

Read more on the junction and Sea Wolf here.

Ten Music Upcoming Shows!!!

Summer madness is in full swing people and we have the shows to prove it. Have a look at the upcoming shows in your area -

7/25 // Dappled Cities w/ Tokyo Police Club // Los Angles, CA // Troubador

7/26 // Scissors for Lefty // Austin, TX // Stubb’s

7/26 // Midnight Movies // Los Angeles, CA // Hammer Musuem

7/28 // Daedelus w/ Boom Bip & more! // San Francisco, CA // Terrorbird Party!

7/28 // Mexican Institute of Sound // Los Angeles, CA // Getty Musuem

So much more!

Have a listen to these guys on hank now!

Ten Music's Own Featured in LA Times

This past Sunday, July 22, our very own Dan Wilcox was featured in the LA Times article centering on licensing of music within the commercial realm. Click here to see what Dan, our resident music supervisor and host of Digging For Fire (Saturdays on KCRW), had to say on brands like Totino’s and what his counterpart at KCRW Nic Harcourt chimed in with.

LA Times Article 7/22

Grand National in Billboards Top 25 of 2007

Grand National Drink/Quick Decision Cover Art

Billboard has listed Grand National as one of the Top 25 Indie albums you should check out this year!! What’s better? They are not the only ones who have some nice things to say about our friends – have a look at some of the press below!
“An indie rocker’s idea of Saturday Night Fever.”Billboard

“Club music this subtle and tender should be savored just as it is.”NY Daily News

“Lead single “By The Time I Get Home…” sounds where Ian Brown should have gone after Golden Greats, with baby ass-smooth synth lines propelled by a synthetic Caribbean steel plate hook and Lower East Side street-walkin’ attitude.”

“Grand National’s stylistic diversity and uplifting, unmistakably British flavor have the kind of staying power that will outlast the hyphenated dance fads”Flaunt

“Grand National mixes doses of Madchester, house and the romantic-pop of ’80s new wave. It’s progressive dance music with a soul”

A Drink & A Quick Decision is the kind of album you’d hear while enjoying cocktails in an über hip lounge. This album is suitable for all moods, whether you want to mindlessly let the beats take over you while driving, dancing around in your room, or crying in the corner”The Tripwire

“Taking another step towards yacht rock supremacy, this UK duo’s second album has lost some of the poppy jangle found on their debut. But it is replaced with grander harmonies and gauzier production, making this smooth as John Oat’s bare upper lip these days”URB

“A Drink and a Quick Decision positions Grand National as an important artistic force that is far from exhausting its seemingly bottomless wellspring of inspiration.”

“One of 2007′s best ballads, with a stark acoustic guitar strummed against a smart pair of rhythmic backdrops.” Referring to “Joker And Clown”Stylus Magazine

Of Montreal Releases New Video – "Suffer For Fashion"

Of Montreal has released their latest video and it’s here for all you guys to check out!


Of Montreal Releases New Video - “Suffer For Fashion”

Rondo Brothers Prepped to Release CD, Release Show Upcoming

That’s right – The Rondo Brothers, composers for Ten Music are releasing their latest work and throwing a party to celebrate this weekend at The Independent (RSVP to maxwell if interested, you know what to do) – and people are talking.

San Francisco’s Weekly is giving them the love calling them a “powerful pop force”, take a gander at the full article here.

Also getting love here and here!!!

Another article was written on Jim Greer (half of The Rondo Brothers) via Fanactic – and the majority of it is below:

diamond jim

San Francisco’s Jim Greer is a man with so much going on in his professional life that he could easily fill a book — or at least your headphones. The man who comprises one half of the production team and music makers, The Rondo Brothers, has plenty to keep him busy behind the boards, as well as a new Rondos record out now called Seven Minutes To Midnight. This is, of course, in addition to Big Bad Beautiful Dreams, his latest solo record as Diamond Jim, one third of “The Bedroom Trio” of singer-songwriters that includes Trevor Childs and Herman Jolly.

As if all of this weren’t enough, to compliment Greer’s prolific and accomplished musical endeavors as a producer and artist, he is kept very busy with his music composition work for commercials, his state-of-the-environment recording facility, and his record label group, Citrus To Citrus. Between artists Head Automatica, Galactic, and Handsome Boy Modeling School, Greer appears on 250,000+ records sold as a session player, writer, or producer, etc. Greer has also toured with and opened for The Rapture, Interpol, and The Cure.

The Rondo Brothers: “Another gloriously uncategorizeable record from the Rondos. Weird, melodic pop and subtle funk featuring a slew of guest vocalists and players. This makes me want to drink wine coolers on a sailboat…”XLR8R

When Greer and musical partner Brandon Arnovivk make Rondo Brothers music, they treat it as a simple, fun process of layering ideas that sometimes come in five minutes, and other times gestate for months. The duo also has a roundtable of friends who drop in. Letting other bad-ass musicians and singers put a stamp on a Rondo Brothers track is par for the course. The artists that The Rondo Brothers work with are people that they would like to hang out with regardless.

A record release celebration for Seven Minutes To Midnight will take place at San Francisco’s Independent on Sept. 14th. Frequent DJ Shadow/Quannum Projects collaborator Bing Ji Ling (LINK) who appears on the Seven Minutes To Midnight track “Until We All Fall Down” (MP3) will join the Rondos at this special show. Need a “Rondo Reminder” the day of the gig? The band was recently featured by Virgin Moble, so go ahead and grab a Rondo Brothers ringtone! (LINK). The Rondo Brothers will also join Galactic onstage in San Francisco at the Independent on July 25th and 26th. Be there!

This tradition of exploration and collaboration continues on Seven Minutes To Midnight. Two featured tracks from the album that show this off include “Crazed” (MP3) and “Hard Rocks The Roof.” (MP3). “Crazed” is a collaboration with Craig Bonich from Head Automatica and “Hard Rocks The Roof” is a love song enhanced by the vocals of Pedro Shanahan, who also sings lead on the Rondo tracks “Dune Stalker” (MP3) and “In The Valley” (MP3).

At first reluctant to shine the spotlight too much on this aspect of his artistry, Greer is now okay with it, joking, “Now that Wilco has sold their whole album to Volkswagen and Sonic Youth is doing a Starbucks record, fuck it.” It all means that Greer is happy to mention that he has just completed the music for a Haynes commercial featuring Michael Jordan and Cuba Gooding, Jr. which will also includes some Rondo Brothers tunes as part of the online marketing campaign. (Coming soon to Ten Music’s NEW site.)
The Rondo’s commercial work situation presents an environment where they are literally being asked to write a 60-second song every day. While their clients usually have something in mind, they also want a really original piece of music. To accomplish this, Greer generates a bunch of ideas, edit himself quickly, and at the end of the day (if he has that long!) trusts his judgment.

He explains, “This process can only be likened to that of a portrait painter – you know that when it’s all over it needs to look like the person, but you also need to make quick choices along the way. Quick planning and execution are the essential elements for success – sometimes jobs come in and music is literally needed within six hours. That’s very different from the album process – you make an album, and then you wait forever for it to slowly seep out into the world. With the commercial work, it goes out instantly to millions of people. It’s really bizarre how that happens – on one hand, you can get paid to make music that goes out to all these people, but in the record industry, you’re basically begging for a break… probably from the same companies!

The Studio and Citrus To Citrus:
And where is all of this music being made anyway? In Greer’s custom built, environmentally conscious studio of course. Greer is green — make no mistake.

He emphatically states, “You wouldn’t pour oil on your roses, or have an air conditioner rotting in your living room, so why spew lots of exhaust into the air? It’s just common sense.”

Greer is referring to his preferred mode of transport — the golf cart that he tools around town in. “We just filmed a video of us driving all around San Francisco in our electric golf cart. It’s incredibly easy to park, fun to drive and just kicks ass,” he says.

Greer’s recording facility is equally environmentally friendly. In describing the room to BPM Magazine recently, he commented that in addition to using as little heat and air conditioning as possible and keeping water usage low, the Rondo’s gear – which is a hybrid of the best of digital and analog technology – is designed to run on low levels of power.

“You can be running as little as a single laptop at any point while working,” Greer says.

Jim Greer – what more is there to say about this insanely talented and hard working man? He is equally at home in a singer songwriter session as he is on the road with rappers cutting impromptu tracks in a hotel room. He lays down the grooves and creates them for others with The Rondo Brothers, quietly conjures and performs affecting singer-songwriter material as Diamond Jim, pops out television commercials on a moment’s notice in his Earth-conscious studio and finds the time and resources to release records by other talented friends. Obviously, Greer has deftly navigated many facets of the music industry, all with supreme skill, and will continue to do so until he decides to take it easy for a minute or two (which is doubtful!)

Matthew Dear & His Big Hands Tour

Matthew Dear Sonar 2007

Matthew Dear’s Big Hands are slated to tour nonstop for the next two months in support of the new album, Asa Breed, all around Europe. After performances at Sónar and MUTEK, the band rolls on for a string of great dates. Check out recent interviews with Dear in Mixmag, Fact and Billboard.

iTunes Top Ten Singles features Great Northern

Great Northern

Our friends over at Eenie Meenie Records have cracked iTunes top 10 singles!!!

Congrats guys!

All Smiles Gets All Love

Jim Fairchild

Reviews and more accurately LOVE keeps pouring in from the blogger land on the Dangerbird release of Jim Fairchild’s project All Smiles. Have a look at just a few:

Mammoth Press gave a great review – as well as featuring All Smiles on the homepage!

“All Smile’s strength lies in writing simple, catchy jams with hook-laden choruses.”

Daytrotter had nothing but love as well, having this to say -

“Fairchild measured his reach perfectly, and achieved just what he set out to achieve on this one, and the proof is in the restrained confidence.”

Venus Zine gave the album an 8/10 review – read the rest here.

“Ten Readings of a Warning is an impressive debut and only the start of a bright future for Fairchild.”

We are all beaming over here…….

Of Montreal Preps New Single, Praise Builds for "Hissing Fauna"

Hissing Fauna Cover Art

Of Montreal is getting ready to release it’s next single from the critically acclaimed “Hissing Fauna, You Are the Destroyer” very soon.  We are all very excited to share it with you – or if you just can’t wait – jump on over to hank today and check out the whole album!!

The praise continues to build for our good friends – here are a few interesting comments on their latest work -

“This time Of Montreal’s music revolves around a staple of loners in studios: synthesizers, used mostly for synth-pop that looks back to the 1970s and 1980s but is warped with shifty structures and skipped beats that could trip up unwary dancers. The album’s centerpiece is the 12-minute “The Past Is a Grotesque Animal”, pulsating steadily in a spiral of self-laceration. Manic pop and depressive revelations have rarely been so closely bonded.”  -NY TIMES

“It’s clear that Barnes is one of indie rock’s most gifted songwriters.” [4.5/5 STARS] -ALTERNATIVE PRESS

“Though its Studio 54 flittering and Barry Gibb-borrowed falsettos may suggest otherwise, Fauna is Of Montreal?s first heartbroken record, an inexorable comedown from years spent gleefully raping the muses.”   –MAGNET

Of Montreal knows a thing or two about pop hooks that dig into your soft matter and won’t let go.”  -LA TIMES

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