Datarock – Catcher in the Rye – a track for the weekend

For no other reason then this is just a seriously fun track (insert beer commercial here).


Enjoy the weekend.



Catcher In The Rye – DATAROCK by sarahgavigan

Vocals as the narrative in Music Licensing

I just got this email – Creativity highlighting the “Top 20 ads of the Week”

First off, let me just lay out my undying love for the artistry and wackiness of the Norweigans. Traktor (Directing collective), Kings of Convenience (band), Sondra Lerche (musician), Royksopp, Datarock…….the list goes on and on.

But, I have to admit, I don’t get the chance to see a lot of Norweigan ads.

The music on this one is fantastic. Can’t peg who it is though – please comment if you know. The lyrics cast this slightly offbeat narrative to the spot.

For those of you that cannot get the video to work (I have been told it’s touchy) here is the direct link:

Music Licensing in Commercials is the benchmark for winning a GRAMMY, according to The Colbert Report

Admittedly, I openly defend Musicians who put their music in commercials. I am biased. I think it’s a great source of income as well as an invaluable distribution channel.

The argument has gone mainstream.

Last night on THE COLBERT REPORT, Stephen Colbert went public with his vote for Best Alternative Album.

Funny stuff…take a look. So those of you that think it’s a sell out for Indie Artists to license their music to ads, take a look, cause 3 of arguably the biggest names in Indie music were willing not only to license their music to Zales, Victoria’s Secret, HP, Honda, Tommy Hilfiger, and Sony Ericsson but they were willing to go onto the Colbert Report and make fun of themselves for it.

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Music In Commercials: Ad guys want "Cool" music, licensed music….as told by The Wojahn Brothers….really well

The Wojahn Brothers Music is a Music House that makes (really good) music for commercials. I just stumbled across this video they made to help demonstrate the type of conversation that occurs between a “Ad Creative” and a “Music House.”

Let me say this first: GO WOJAHN. I think the two words that come to mind are, HILARIOUS and CAHOONAS. It’s spot on and it made me laugh so hard I had to go back and watch it several times. Ok I enjoyed watching it several times. I’ve been there…I have had that conversation MANY MANY times, but here’s the real joke, I used to own a Music House that pretended to NOT be a music house. HA.

Second let me say to the Ad Community… know it’s like this, and this parody brings alot of the real issues of making music for commercials or licensing music for commercials into perspective.

Thirdly, I make my living off finding and placing existing music (mostly Indie) in commercials, so you know…stones…glass houses.

Just watch this video. This is about 90% accurate. Seriously. The other 10% are Creatives and Teams that think strategically about music. They think not only about what works for the spot, but they think about if a piece of music is actually going to appeal to the demographic that the product is selling too. Shockingly….this is VERY rarely the case. 10% of the time….maybe.


Jeff Buckley – 15 years of Grace.

Oh be still my heart…..this man can still make me cry since the first day I heard this record. This post is NOT about music licensing, or copyrights, or any rights for that matter.

It’s simply about magic. He was magic. There is nothing I can say about this man’s music that has not already been said, or felt by music fans and Aritsts the world ’round.

But…..I will say this, I come back to this record over and over and over, and will for the rest of my life. For what reasons, they are different every time. It’s as much an emotional invocation as an escape from the heaviness life can put upon you. Hearing is voice, the rhythm of his songs, is like a grand release, a good cry. You feel massive sweeps of emotion when you hear it and when it is done, you take a deep breathe and feel a little bit better going on with your day.

Rest in Peace Jeff Buckley.

The power of Juxtaposition in Music Licenisng

Jonathan Glazer is one of those Directors that has the magic touch. This spot is incredible, and riveting, as his work always is (Sexy Beast).

One of a few common tricks for music in a commercial is JUXTAPOSITION. This spot is a perfect example.

It shows how the opposite of what you think can sometimes be more engaging then the expected.

How Music Can Effect perception – MPR News Audio Interview

This is a fantastic interview with an Ad Agency Creative and a Music Expert talking about WHY shows and ads use certain types of music from the type of emotional that it emotes.

They explore the “feeling” factor of music and what role it plays in advertising and marketing.

They talk about political ads of late, openings of shows, and of course Apple ads.

The Definitionof a Copyright

I am WAAAAY behind in blog posting – so my apologies for that….

But in doing my online research for my GET YOUR MUSIC LICENSED products today, I found this great little video today. Enjoy and learn!

Neil W. Netanel is Professor of Law at the UCLA School of Law in Los Angeles, CA. He specializes in Intellectual Property Law and Copyright Law.

Artisthouse is a great site for learning basics in all kinds of topics as an Artist. Follow this site consistantly for fantastic interviews and updates on issues you need to know about as an artist.

Headed to Belfast for MUSIC WEEK

Well, I am so dang excited.

I got an early birthday present a few weeks ago when I was asked to come give my HOW TO GET YOUR MUSIC LICENSED workshop at the Belfast Music Week. This event looks action packed. Over 100 local bands a nite for a week, and workshops and keynotes all day. I was honored to be invited and thrilled to speak.

Lots of great international press on the event as well. HERE

I am most looking forward to meeting the Artists and Managers of Northern Ireland;m to hear their questions and understand what they need to learn about music licensing.

What an event these folks are putting on! Take a look!

Anybody has some great tips on Belfast – lets hear them! I can hardly wait. If you are attending the event and reading this, please reach out an let me know what questions you would like to ask in advance !

Creative Commons in Fashion; how does it realte to Music Licensing?

I love getting my weekly TED email with the incredible 20 minute speeches from people all over the world, talking about everything from our food sources to electromagnetic fields. It’s a modern media encyclopedia of genius theorems.

In this talk, Johanna Blakley explores the results of an industry that embraces creative commons.

This is serious food for thought in relation to the music copyright industry.

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