Directors and Creatives migrate to Twitter to talk to EVERYONE

It’s happening whether you believe it or not. The bridge to our island of Commercial Production has crossed the moat and hit land on the other side. Information is being shared with everyday people. OH MY GOD!!! SECURITY HAS BEEN BREACHED!

Hardly. Maybe even more shocking, people outside our industry care!

In an effort “to be heard” or  to raise awareness, Agency Creatives from all over our industry have joined the global community of TWITTER to talk to, well, everyone. Its fantastic. I am having more meaningful conversations with the Agency world than ever before, and I have not picked up a phone to call them in over 6 months.

It is high time that the Commercial Production community starts a conversation with the world. The good news is you have a much bigger audience to talk to. The bad news is, chatting it up about kids, sales trips and the state of the business ain’t gonna cut it anymore if you want to snake that board from an A-List Director who is available.

A good friend of mine forwarded me a fantastic article on Mashable yesterday about Directors on Twitter.

I created a BIT link for this link and posted it on my Twitter feed. Check out the results:

Picture 2

In less than 5 hours over 5,000 people from all over the world hit this link. I would say that this is convincing evidence that the public is interested in what Directors have to say! So why aren’t more Directors talking to the public? “Because that’s just not the way we do things,” is one answer I got. “We are doing just fine,” was another answer I got.

Now all of these are Film and TV Directors, granted…..but isn’t cross pollination and raising the celebrity of Directors, of the talent you breed and cultivate what it’s all about?

Here is the main point folks: If you can gets thousands of people online to care about your Director and what he or she says  then it’s gonna be alot easier to get a Creative Director’s attention.

Directors of commercials are the Film industry’s unsung heros. They bring ideas to life. Do they get credit on the Super Bowl Credits? No. Will the Agencies ever promote them? Probably not. But the Production Companies and Sales Teams can, and it just might pay off.

Does the general public know how funny Randy Krallman is? Or how Fredrik Bond’s amazing mind works? No. Do they want to know? Yes.

Ghostly Introduces iPhone App: Discovery

I consider myself one of the lucky ones to work with this very talented group of men and women. A veritable brotherhood of Artists and Bands that have created one of the best Indie music brands of the last 10 years; Ghostly International.

From the moment I saw that little ghost, I was hooked. I have represented their catalog for licensing in ads since 2001, and when I first sat down with Sam, he told me in no uncertain words that he was going to make Ghostly into a luxury brand. I have to be honest, I thought he was a little delusional. But not even a year later, I had an Interior Design Magazine placed in front of me, and what was in it? GHOSTLY. One of the first Record labels to sell music on a flash stick. But not just any old flash stick, but a perfectly designed and packaged one. So perfect that MOSS in Soho carried them and an editor for Interior Design was blown away. So I had to eat my words. Gladly.

Today I am very proud to help introduce the Ghostly DISCOVERY  iPhone App to the world. This tool has set the bar for labels everywhere. They have named this App well – it is the most fantastic Discovery tool. If you don’t know anything about this label – why not- download the App,  it’s free.

01_MoodScreenMood is set by choosing a color and following the circle with your finger to draw the color down to the dot – that sets the color of the Ghost.

Toggle the white bars under STYLE to get music that is more/less digital or more/less faster.



You can listen to the entire track and then go straight to iTunes to buy it.

You can get additional info on each artist, listen to streaming Ghostly Music….

Its Ghostly in your pocket.

You can check out the very “Apple like” clever video of DISCOVERY, and get a bird’s eye tour, click here: TUTORIAL VIDEO

For more info read the official PRESS RELEASE

Just as everyone begins to murmur that even Indie Labels have lost their luster; lost their ability to influence, sell and promote music, Ghostly hits it right on the nail. Clean functional technology, music and well, the iPhone. For all you Blackberry people out there. So Sorry.

I guess they have proven that creativity and great design = luxury.

The first 3rd of the "How to Get Yout Music Licensed" Class at UCLA

I have enjoyed teaching my class at UCLA 15 times more then I could ever have imagined. First off, I have very hungry students, which is key, and second, 12 classes is barely enough time to cover all that we need to in regards to the topic of “How To Get Your Music Licensed in a Commercial.”

The first 4 classes (in a series of 12) were about:

  • the landscape of advertising
  • who the players are in the process
  • how the process works
  • when does music come into the process
  • who the music influencers are

I have had some incredible speakers so far this semester.

  • Landis Smithers; former Creative Director Ogilvy Chicago, former in-house Creative Director Old Navy, currently Directing Commercials and Print through Supply & Demand Productions
  • Liz Graves, Freelance Agency Producer
  • Dan Wilcox, former Director of Music at Ten Music, KCRW DJ and Music Supervisor
  • David Taylor, Music Supervisor at Media Arts Lab (client, Apple)

Each brought their own personality, experience and wisdom to the class. The one question each was asked at the end of each class was:  “How do you market to a marketer? Is it different then marketing to a consumer?” The answers were varied, but fantastic to hear. Here are some highlights;

Landis Smithers: “Don’t do things the same way everyone else does if you want to stand out; the last recession I found myself looking for a job. When I looked closely I could see that everyone was sending resumes in the sasme white mainla envelopes. So I sent mine in oversized red and got an almost 100% retention rate. Looks matter when it comes to sending music to Advertising Creatives.

Liz Graves: “it is about networking.  packaging helps, before that you need to know who to get it to.”

Dan Wilcox: “Make sure you don’t send unfinished demos to Music Supervisors, you get one chance to make a quick impression. ”

David Taylor: “I know it sounds basic, but if the music is good, we will listen, and your album art matters.”

It’s been a great semester so far. I remain excited about providing Artists and Artists reps valuable skills to help them navigate these shark invested waters (Answer: knowledge) by showing them what has been typically shrouded and reserved for the Labels, Publishers and Reps. And by the way it took some of the aforementioned years to figure it out as there were no formal resources.

Stay tuned for more as the semester unfolds.

Locksley Show in NY on Thursday Nite

Look out Big Apple – I am coming back! The Band Locksley has been cool enough to bring me to NY to help them make some noise to the Advertising community about their new record. We will be throwing down at the Annex from 8:00-11:30pm. Open bar is 8-10pm. If you want to come and have not received an invite – hit me with an email. This party is for the Ad Industry only.

Check out their MUSIC


What's new with my scene….

Well after an almost 10 year run with Ten Music, I am saying goodbye to the brand and striking out on my own. I was honored to work with some fantastic people during the last 9 years, but is time to look only to myself for the future.

Since September, there has been a tremendous amount of uncertainty, not only for me, but with the business at large. The last nine months have given me a chance to re-evaluate where the business of music in advertising is going. This blog and website will be a reflection of my life in the advertising and music industries, my opinions, the jobs I work on, anything having to do with my professional life as a Music Strategist in the Advertising and Marketing world.

Bring on the future. I look forward to hearing from you

My class at UCLA this Summer!!

Official today – HOW TO GET YOUR MUSIC LICENSED IN A COMMERICAL. I will be teaching the class this summer at UCLA.

Having your music used in a commercial can mean relative overnight success for a little-known band, artist, or composer. But how do you get your music in the hands of the right people? In this course, learn the history of music licensing in advertising, how commercials are made, and who the decision makers are. Topics cover the basics of music publishing and learning what questions to ask to ensure that when you do get the call, you are able to secure the best deal possible. Standard contracts and best practices for dealmaking are reviewed. Techniques for marketing music to the advertising community are discussed weekly, highlighted by industry guest speakers, including advertising creative directors, agency music producers, directors, producers, and editors.This “green” course provides course materials online to minimize paper waste; Internet access required.

UCLA: 167 Dodd Hall
Wednesdays, 7pm-10pm
June 24 – September 9

12 meetings total

register here:

Ghostly proudly presents SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS

l_25e822fa5e0e4c0c903f4acf89420c11“School of Seven Bells, from Brooklyn, is a drone-loving band formed by the guitarist Benjamin Curtis, formerly of Secret Machines. It gets booming beats from laptops, echoing chords from the guitar and lilting harmony vocals from the sisters Alejandra and Claudia Deheza, for a promising blend of the psychedelic and the futuristic.”-New York Times

Hank's own OF MONTREAL hits it big

ofmontreal It is fantastic to see the slow yet meteoric rise of Kevin Barnes. This album makes you listen twice, maybe even three times. Did he say that? Always a story. make sure to check it out on

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Telepathique Supporting Tricky on Upcoming Dates

Telepathique (The Control Group) will take thier jungle-tinged blend of electro-breakbeat ass-shaking grooves out of Brazil, and on the road to support Tricky for a handful of dates (See Below). If your not lucky enough to attend one of these dates, stay tuned for more Telepathique shows to follow. If have not been fortunate enough to be introduced to Telepathique yet, it’s ok. You can hear their new album Last Time on Earth in HANK™ today!

Telepathique Supporting Tricky

September 4: New York,NY @ The Filmore at Irving Plaza

September 5: Philadelphia,PA @ The Trocadero

September 6: Washington,DC @ 9:30 Club

September 8: Chicago,IL @ House Of Blues

The Apples In Stereo on Colbert Report

The Apples In Stereo finished up their tour recently with a stop at The Colbert Report… again. Apparently host Stephen Colbert is a big fan (or maybe it’s due to the sweet ode “Stephen, Stephen” that Apples frontman Robert Schneider played the last time he was there). Either way, Mr. Schneider and the rest of his Apples turned out an excellent performance of the track “Can You Feel It?” which you can view here. Be sure to check out all of The Apples In Stereo’s discography, as well as Marbles (Robert’s other project) in HANK™ today.

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