Shazam I love you

I personally want to thank Shazam for making me a better, more well informed
Music Supervisor. See, I am not the kind of Sup that can tell you the name to
every song I hear….I don’t need to, I have Shazam.

I look totally and completely annoying…..anywhere I might be, I keep my Shazam
ready to go so that at a moments notice, I can find out what is playing around me.

Have you ever been in a movie and someone randomly holds up their iPhone above
their head in the dark, blocking your view of the screen? That was most likely me.

Out to a nice dinner with my man……..I hear a good song….I hold my phone up.

The playoffs with a house full of friends…I run up to the TV and hold that phone

I NEED TO KNOW….it’s my job…..right?

It seems silly…but imagine how many people are just as ridiculous as I am? This
is great news for you when you get your song licensed. It is another direct way for
a fan to identify with, connect with and purchase your music. IN LESS THAN 5 SECONDS.

You can also use Spotify to play the song you just tagged. I haven’t figured that out
yet, but guaranteed I will! Shazam has something like 150 million users globally.
BANANAS. And it is only getting bigger.

Twentieth Century Fox announced last month that they will be integrating it into TV
programming, allowing viewers to unlock additional content.

Hold on, did you hear that? CONTENT……you music is CONTENT, valuable content.

I am going to make a prediction right now. In less then 3 years advertisers and
entertainment companies will be giving away MUSIC CONTENT as a reward for engagement
through Shazam.

Know what that means? That on top of the license fee you will get, they will be serving
up a fee for pre-purchased downloads.

I love me some Shazam….so should you.

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  1. Chuck Hughes January 12, 2012 at 1:06 pm #

    I keep my Shazam and Sound Hound apps right next to each other, as neither one can identify all the songs. Sound Hound scrolls the lyrics, which is fun.

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