Speaking at CMJ – Tuesday Oct. 20th

I am headed to NY for CMJ. Admittedly it’s been a few years, but I am really looking forward to it. To kick it off I will be speaking on a panel – see info below…

Music and Advertising: A Subconscious Cognitive Impulse Explosion
The cognitive process happening when you visualize an advertisement coupled with music is powerful. It is proven through empirically tested heuristics that when these two components come together correctly, the outcome is VERY effective.  CMJ Badge-holder Opp: Submit your music here http://greymusicnyc.com/cmj/ to be heard by ad executives and possibly be included for discussion during this panel.

So if you are attending the event – give me a shout out, there is a lot to learn here about how Music Producers such as myself and Josh Rabinowitz, the moderator of the panel and the Director of Music at Grey Advertising. This man has made A LOT of music for A LOT of commercials.

So after the formal sitting and note taking we will all head out to the clubs to get pushed,  sweat before we freeze outside (can you tell I’m from LA) and hear some great music. Let me know if there is a band I should not miss!

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