Why in the HELL did they choose THAT song? The non sequitor of Music Licensing and Jingles…

I get that question alot.

Hell, I ask that question alot when I hear music in spots and TV show!!

Music is SUBJECTIVE. I have always said, “what is blue to me, is green to you.” No two ears hear something the same way. This simply means that fining the right. music for a TV spot many times, simply comes down to a battle of wills, and taste.

Sometimes they are just a huge head scratcher. I found my new favorite site today that pokes fun at TV ads and the use of music. On a personal level, I always thought LUST FOR LIFE was an odd choice, cause clearly the people who said yes to that song didn’t have a clue what it meant, but then I remembered that one of the first songs I ever helped place was a song called “Ladyshave” by an Icelandic band called GUS GUS for a mitsubishi ad. My business partner and I held out breathe between giggles hoping the client didn’t listen to the words too closely.
And you know what? They didn’t. If the spots in this post prove anything it is that they still don’t really listen. If they like a song, they use it. So at the end of the day, it comes down to a beat, catchiness, and a memory that we have with a song that makes it work.

Enjoy this post – it’s FUNNY.


For another perspective I want to show the same spot with different music so you can see the HUGE difference. Never a right or wrong answer, it’s simply what message the music is giving and how it connects to the picture.

I actually worked on this job – and I fell in love with The Pretenders – MESSAGE OF LOVE. I really liked how the lyrics played to the story happening in the picture. And the way I had it cued it (I wish I could show you, but I cannot) when Chrissie sings “like Brigitte Bardot” was right over Eva. Everyone on my team was sure they would go for it. We thought it was PERFECT….but alas not. They chose the Gnarls Barkley track.

So you really just never know.

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